Haris Aronis, a Greek songwriter living in Athens Greece, writes songs since he was a high school student in Ionidios Model School of Piraeus. His first contact with the discography, it was a little later, at the time he was studying at the National Technical University as a topographer/surveying engineer. At that time, the famous in Greece rock band «Magic de Spell» set to music some of his lyrics and the song «O Lykos Tis Psychis Mou» (The Wolf Of My Soul) entered the album «Nipson Anomimata Mi Monan Opsin» (Wash Your Sins, Not Only Your Face). Later, Nick Maintas left the band and released his solo album, «Spasmena Rologia» (Broken Watches). In this CD was included a Haris Aronis’ song (music & lyrics), titled «Pou gyrnas» (Where do you go around).

The time for Haris’ first personal album came in 2008 with the CD «Tis Agapis Manifesto» (Love’s Manifest). There, he sings 13 songs written by him (music & lyrics) in various musical genres, from Rock up to Laika (Greek folk). In the «Laika» songs of the album, Vangelis Sarantidis played violin and Manolis Karantinis played bouzouki & baglama (Karantinis is considered among many people as the best living bouzouki player in the world). The official live presentation of the album took place at the «Athens Glass Musical Theatre» in a 3-hour music show with guests Nick Maintas at the first part and Manolis Karantinis at the second part of the show. Then followed numerous gigs by Haris Aronis and his band, the «Enaerites», at many other musical scenes in Greece.

It took 9 whole years for the next CD album of Haris Aronis, published in 2017 by the title «17». It is a rock concept album, containing 17 tracks
(all Haris’ musical compositions with lyrics written by him and by greek poets), songs that describe experiences and emotions born in the dark years of crisis and memorandum enforcement in Greece. Website is dedicated to album «17» and homonymous musical performance.

In the interval between his two personal CD-albums, Haris Aronis participated in Simos Kouskounis’ album named «Stavrodromia» (Crossroads) singing the song «Hamena Chronia» (Lost Years), he took part in «Athens 48 Hours Music Project» with the song «Dyo Erga» (Two Plays) and he sung a Zero Project composition in Vasilis Poulimenakos’ lyrics, the song «Feggari Kokkino» (Red Moon).